Three Dip Fried Pizza

Like many dishes of Italian tradition, fried pizza (or Masardona) has a poor origin and was born in Naples during the second world war. Traditionally, it was prepared at home by pizza chefs, kneaded by the men and fried by the women.  Then it was sold on the streets. This was the beginning of the so-called “popular street food”.  There are many versions of this … Continue reading Three Dip Fried Pizza

Venezuelan Arepas

I was introduced to Venezuelan Arepas by my husband in 2014 and they quickly became one of my favourite things to eat, especially for breakfast with fried eggs. Traditionally, they are cooked with a budare, a type of metal griddle, round and flat. When I first saw my father-in-law preparing them while on a family holiday in Venezuela, I was curious as in Europe, it … Continue reading Venezuelan Arepas

Flatbread with Buffalo Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes 

Don’t have much time to cook today or you just want a treat? Try this and you will not be disappointed. So good!!  Serves 1 or 2 people Ingredients  1 garlic & rosemary flatbread  1 small buffalo mozzarella  Few cherry tomatoes  Extra virgin olive oil  Few leaves of fresh chopped basil  Salt  Method  Garnish the flatbread with all the ingredients and bake it in the oven for a few minutes at … Continue reading Flatbread with Buffalo Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes