Hello everybody! My name is Lilia and I live in London since 1999. My family comes from a multicultural background. I was born in Italy but my origins are French. My husband Rowan is Venezuelan and my daughter Nuvy is British. By the way, my husband is a very good cook so watch out also for his cakes and bread recipes. 😉

I love food and don’t ask me why, but since giving birth in 2019 (you will see a lot of her, she’s really cute!), I’ve become totally hooked on cooking and trying new recipes. I am not a professional chef. I’m just a mum who will share with you tasty simple recipes I cook at home, mainly Mediterranean family recipes including soups and snacks for fussy toddlers. That’s right. My toddler still loves pureed food and refuses to try out most of everything else, including ice cream! So, in order to give her a variety of foods from the five major food groups, I had to come up with different kind of soups to satisfy her palate. They are all made from scratch and prepared in advance on a weekly basis so when she needs to eat, all I have to do is to chose the soup of the day from the freezer and give it to her without wasting too much time preparing it.

Besides recipes, I created pages like “Food on Holiday” where I share my favorite drinks and food I try in restaurants while on holiday. I am not a food critic but I have a very good appreciation of food and drinks and if there is a particular place that deserves a good review, you can rest assured I will always let you know!

The page called “Family Album” is a mix of miscellaneous pictures, including family photos and much more.

In the mean time, I will work on a few menus for different occasions. Having said that, I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I will enjoy sharing my posts with you. It is a work in progress, but something I enjoy doing when I have some free time. If you have a special dish you would like to share with me or any other suggestions, please feel free to do so at any time and if you like my recipes or anything else in the blog, share it by leaving a comment.

And finally, I would like to invite you to check “us” out (and Nuvy’s story) at nuvys.com. This is the new online tea shop opened this year (2020) by me and my husband. We named it after our daughter Nuvy, who was born with Bilateral Acetabular Dysplasia. She is now fully recovered but many other children will need to live with life long complications due to late diagnosis. For this reason, we decided that 2% of our annual profits will be donated to Barts Charity, supporting the Orthopaedic dept. of the Royal London Hospital, the place where our daughter was born and treated. Our plant based pyramid tea bags are biodegradable, our packaging is eco-friendly, and our hand-picked all natural tea leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs, and spices, are of the highest quality and ethically sourced. So beside my recipes, I hope you will enjoy our beautiful range of teas as well!

I look forward to your feedback. 😊

Our six signature tea blends are delicious and designed for some “ME” time! 💗

My family. 💗
My beautiful Nuvy. 💖
Who can resist that cute face! 🧸
Off we go to France to visit grandma. 🙂